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Isabel Bayón, flamenco dancer


Born in Seville, Isabel Bayón first took dance lessons at the Matilde Coral school at the age of five. After studying at the Dance Conservatories in Seville and Cordoba she successfully completed her Diploma in Spanish Dance at the age of sixteen.

During her career she has performed at numerous national and international festivals and worked with many important figures from the world of flamenco, including, amongst others, Antonio Mairena, Chano Lobato, Mario Maya, El Pele, Israel Galván and Miguel Poveda.

Since she formed her own company in 2001 she has created a series of shows, including, “Del Alma”;”La Mujer y El Pelele”;”La Puerta Abierta”(Giraldillo Prize for best show); “Tórtola Valencia” (Giraldillo Prize for “magical moment”); “En la Horma de sus Zapatos” (Giraldillo Prize for dance); “Caprichos del Tiempo” (Critics Prize at the Jerez Festival 2013); “Dju – Dju” directed by Israel Galván, premiered in the Bienal de Flamenco of Seville 2016; “Lo esencial” premiered in the Festival Flamenco of Jerez 2016; and “Yo soy” (Giraldillo Special Jury Prize in the XX Bienal de Flamenco of Sevilla 2018). Currently the company is on tour with Dju-Dju, Lo esencia and Yo Soy.

She is much in demand as a choreographer for the Spanish National Ballet, directed by Aída Gómez, and the Andalusian Dance Company, directed by Juan Antonio Ruiz, amongst others.

Distinctions among others have awarded her in 2011 the ” Special Distinction ” of her professional career by the Provincial Delegation of Seville; in 2013 she received the National Dance Award ; in 2014 received the Clavel Press Award by the Press Association of Seville; and Fuera de Serie Award 2014 by Expansion Magazine, El Mundo.

She currently combines her artistic activities with her role as a teacher at the María de Ávila Higher Dance Conservatory in Madrid.

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